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6.49 Adam's Favorite - Greek Yogurt topped with berries, toasted almonds & honey 8.99 Salami Scrambler Salami with caramelized onions & cream cheese served with home fried & toast 8.99 Kale Omelet Kale with ham, mushrooms, onions & Swiss cheese made with 2 egg whites and one egg served with sliced tomatoes & toast 9.99 Cranberry-Walnut Pancakes topped with orange marmalade butter and served with real Maple Syrup 8.99 Bacon Pancakes Crumbled bacon pieces cooked in our famous pancakes and topped with more bacon. Served with real Maple Syrup 7.99 Green Eggs & Ham Scrambled eggs with tomato, onions & basil pesto served with griddled ham, home fried potatoes & a choice of toast 8.99 PLT Sandwich with a Fried Egg on Rosemary Focaccia House cured Pancetta, arugula, grill tomatoes, fried egg & basil mayonnaise served with home fried potatoes 12.99 Shrimp & Cheddar Cheese Grits - A Detroit Free Press Freep Favorite! Cheesy Grits topped with sautéed shrimp & bacon topped with poached eggs & scallions. Served with a choice of toast. 7.99 Spicy Smoked Sausage Scrambler Koegel's Hot Sausage scrambled with cream cheese & scallions served with home fried potatoes and a choice of toast 9.99 Apple Cinnamon French Toast Topped with sautéed apples braised in a cinnamon-vanilla syrup 8.99 Broccoli Scrambler Broccoli sautéed with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese served with home fried potatoes and a choice of toast 7.99 Detroit Sausage Breakfast Pita with scrambled eggs, Monterey jack & cheddar cheese blend Served with home fried potatoes 14.99 Morel Mushroom Omelet with Asparagus, Havarti Cheese, Scallions & Garlic ...served with home fried potatoes & choice of toast

Breakfast Hours

Monday – Friday 7am-11:30am

Saturday 8am-1pm    Sunday 8am-2pm